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0000-00-00             OPL T20 (2014)

2013-03-02             OPL T20 Extends Player Registration
Media Release March 2nd 2013.pdf

2013-01-21             OPL T20 Draft Registrations have begun
Media Release Jan 21st 2013.pdf

2013-01-12             Call for Casting
OPLT20 Casting Call 2013.pdf

2012-12-24             Gold Wins as New OPL T20 Colour
Gold Wins as OPL T20 Colour.pdf

2012-11-24             OPL T20 Seeks Logo and League Colours Review
OPL T20 Draft Logo and Colours.pdf

2012-11-21             Media Release
21st Nov 2012.docx

2012-07-29             "Chevrolet T20 Cup"-2012 a gigantic step forward
22 July 2012 Release-Update.docx

2012-07-21             OPL Chevrolet T20 Cup finals to create Life Long Memories
20 July 2012 Release.docx

2012-07-20             OPL Chevrolet T20 Cup iinvitation to the Finals
Special Announcement.jpg

2012-07-19             Toronto Towers reach Finals as Junaid Siddiqui strikes .....
19 July 2012 Release.docx

2012-07-18             The mighty Brampton KIngs show their class and win by 9 Wickets
18 July 2012 Release.docx

2012-07-17             Rizwan Cheema fires 65 of 27 Balls
16 July 2012 Release.docx

2012-07-16             Mississauga Marines win against mighty Brampton Kings
16 July 2012 Release.docx

2012-07-15             "Chevrolet T20 Cup" opens with a bang....
15 July 2012.docx

2012-07-02             OPL T20 Fixtures and Live Coverage Schedule
OPL T20 Fixtures.pdf

0000-00-00             MSIE Video Problem under Resolution Process

2012-06-05             OPL T20 Draft set for 24th May 2012

2012-06-05             OPL T20 Player Registrations Surpass Expectations:

0000-00-00             81 invited to the 1st Phase of the OPL T20 draft

0000-00-00             Live Coverage moved by 1 hour

2012-06-05             Follow the excitement of the OPLt20 in Toronto Live!