OPL T20 Player Registrations Surpass Expectations:


There has been an extraordinarily high response from players as they are completing registrations in record numbers. OPL management is working overnight to log the data for review by the selectors that shall choose the best 80 players for the draft.
What is surprising to us that there are many players that coming forward with excellent stats and experience that have been playing and practising here and have played in countries as them to show their talent and get recognised, said Ranjit Saini, the Founder and CEO of Saini Synergy Inc, the ofar as Australia many of them were not known to us the players see this as an opening for rganisers of the tournament.
We are in for many surprises as many traditional picks may not get drafted, added Saini. OPL T20 is conducting a Chevrolet T20 Cup tournament and has sought players to register to be considered for an opportunity to play for one of the four teams.
The tournament is scheduled to play from 22nd JUNE, 2012 to 1st July 2012.