Gold Wins as New OPL T20 Colour

24 December 2012

OPL T20 is pleased to release its new colours. The new logo shall be in "Gold" and will be commonly used among all teams as part of the OPL T20 Logo. Gold was chosen on the basis that it represents rich cultural appreciation and support across the entire cricket diaspora. It also works well with all other colours within the league.

OPLT20 logo while being used on team apparel or other related league usages will acquire the team specific colours and a glow of Gold behind the Trillium. The team colours are ……Ontario Trilliums (Green), Brampton Kings (Red), Mississauga Marines (Blue) and Toronto Towers (Charcoal)

OPLT20 thanks all those who participated in the discussions and provided valuable input and suggestions. OPL T20 instead of black and white versions…will use team specific colour variations of the OPL T20 logo. This is a break from the tradition and represents new thinking that in tune with “Colourful Cricket Melody” branding of the league.

OPL T20 is designed to provide a competitive platform for the “Emerging Cricket Players of Ontario”.