Follow the excitement of the OPLt20 in Toronto Live!


CricHQ are excited to announce that they have partnered with OPLt20 to bring fans live scoring of the tournament to your Internet capable devices starting June 20th! This means that wherever you are in the world you will be able to follow the score live at or! And the good news is that you can download the CricHQ app for free and start scoring yourself!
Whether it is an international match or simply a knock around at your local pitch, The CricHQ app is providing cricket teams with a quick and simple solution to scoring matches whilst providing fans with a platform to watch those matches live as they're updated ball by ball.
"CricHQ is taking grassroots cricket to a whole new level" - Brendon McCullum, New Zealand Cricket player and Director of CricHQ 
Teams and players can review their performances just like the professionals do with run worms, manhattan graphs, instant calculations of key stats and visual representation of players performances through our new 3D Wagon Wheels and Pitch Maps available for every match.
CricHQ is also, thanks to our partnership with the Professional Cricketers Association, the proud home of recreational cricket MVP calculations. Every match that is scored using CricHQ automatically calculates MVP points.
Are you the MVP in your team, club, county or country? Find out by ensuring all your games are scored via CricHQ. 
CricHQ Features:
• All matches scored can be viewed live, ball by ball online and on the app
• Official MVP points calculated in every match
• Easy one touch scoring system
• Upload your local cricket club scorecards at the touch of a button to save frustrating score input
• Caters for levels of cricket with our flexible match specifications screen
• The only mobile scoring system to be endorsed by the ECB
• The only mobile scoring system with a partnership with the PCA
• The only mobile scoring system with a partnership with the ICC
• Designed and developed by cricketers, for cricketers
• Detailed enough to score International cricket while flexible enough for junior matches
• Money saving – no more costs for scorebooks
• Professional statistic analytics
“For correctness of score and ease of use, CricHQ will be my weapon of choice for all future games I am scoring. Whether that be for junior cricket with the obscure bylaws or at the top senior level, this app can be configured to cover all requirements. And now all of my teams fans can follow what is happening live, ball by ball, through the app or through This is a real win for grassroots cricket”
Pat Culpan, International scorer with 30 years scoring experience